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Shillong is a beautiful hill station in the state of Meghalaya and it is also the capital of Meghalaya and one of the most important cities in the North East region. Shillong is also the headquarter of East Khasi Hills District. Shillong has become quite popular among the tourists for her natural beauty. The town is called the ‘The Scotland of East’ because it resembles the highlands of the Scottish region. Being situated at an average altitude of 4900 feet, Shillong offers a stunning view of hills and the surroundings.

Shillong is also part of what has come to be known as the Golden Triangle of North-East. This popular golden triangle consists of Guwahati, Kaziranga, and Shillong. So for any travel agent operating in North East India, understanding Shillong is a must.

Shillong from a Tour operator’s point of view:

Tourist will have below options to explore:

  • Waterfalls,

  •  Lakes,

  •  Mountains,

  • The mystic cloud,

  •  The pine forests,

  • The British Bungalows,

  • The Golf course

  • The cosmopolitan culture.

If you are a tour operator and wants to promote the unspoiled beauty of North East then Shillong would be an ideal destination for you. Shillong is quite well connected .which is a basic imperative for a successful promotion of a destination.


Guwahati – Shillong – 100 km (3 hours)

Shillong airport – Shillong  - 30 km  (1 hour)

Guwahati airport – Shillong 120 km (3 hours)

Kaziranga National Park – Shillong 195 km (5 hours)

Bhalukpong to Shillong 300 km (7 hours)

Advantages of operating your tour in Meghalaya and Shillong:
  • Unlike many other places in North East, Shillong and Meghalaya does not require any restricted area permit of protected area permit. So your guests, whether Indian or Foreigner, can travel to the region freely and easily.
  • As a travel agent, it is of special advantage to you that there is little or no restriction in interstate vehicular movement here. So an Assam vehicle can easily operate in Shillong and do all the sightseeing.

A travel agent must also be aware of the limitation regarding accommodation for tourists here.

  • There is a limited number of good hotels in Shillong
  • Hotels are often sold out in advance during peak time. So last moment booking during peak season such as Christmas is very difficult to accommodate by a tour operator like Tripsy.

Shillong has a lot to offer for your guests. Two full days or One full day and a half-day sightseeing activity are recommended for your guests.

Shillong peak:

 It is the highest point of Shillong. Less than 10km from the town and situated at the altitude of 6400 feet it is one of the most popular destinations in Shillong. The place offers a majestic view of the city and surroundings. The serene environment of the spot is an ideal for the nature lovers.

Elephant Falls:

 it is very close to the Shillong Peak and a popular spot among the locals and tourists. This waterfall consists of three sections in succession. The bottom one is probably the most beautiful looking among the three. Everyone out of these three is easily reached by walking the stairs. The path is surrounded by tree and rock and a bridge.

Sweet Falls:

 one of the most beautiful waterfalls in the region. This picturesque fall is ideal for photography. The surrounding view is also breathtaking.

Beadon & Bishop Falls:

 Both are very close to the Bara Bazaar area. Both offer a beautiful view. Bishop is known to be one of the highest waterfalls in India. Beadon and Bishop both are known to be the twin brothers and both fall down into a deep gorge of Umium River.

Spread Eagle Falls:

 It looks like an eagle spreading its wings. It is close to the polo ground and a popular picnic spot too.

Ward’s Lake:

 located In the heart of the city and surrounded by a beautifully maintained garden this place provides an opportunity to the locals to refresh and rejuvenate themselves. The boating facility here is very good. The lake is named after Sir William Ward. This is a lovely place and quite popular among the tourists.

Lady Hydari Park:

 One of the most famous destinations in the town. The Park stretches more than a kilometer and provides an opportunity to the tourists to spend time amidst serene environment. The park has an extremely well-maintained garden consisting of different flowers and plants. The entire landscape is eye-catching. Park has a zoo which is not a big one but it attracts the crowd. It also has a butterfly museum and playing zone for children.

Don Bosco Centre for Indigenous Culture:

 This institution preserves and promotes the history and rich socio-cultural heritage of the northeastern states. This seven floored building has a museum, a research center, and a publication center and also a conference hall and a media center. This center has got marvelous collections of artifacts, paintings, and books. This is a must-visit place for those who are interested in the origin, history, and heritage of the seven sisters.

Umium Lake or Barapani:

 One of the most picturesque lakes of the northeast. Just 17 km from the town this lake offers a stunning view to the tourists. This lake was formed after a hydroelectric dam was built upon here on a stream. This is a reservoir and the main source of water in the town. Umium is an ideal place for leisure tourism due to its breathtaking view and the tranquil environment. Apart from the normal boating lot of adventure sports activities are done here.

Golf Course:

 The lush green golf course which is situated at an altitude of more than 5000 feet is a visual treat for the tourists. This is quite a famous golf course and the first 18 hole Golf course in Asia.

Nearby Destinations

Nohkalikai Falls:

 This is one of the most attractive sites of North-East. Nohkalikai is one of the tallest plunge waterfalls in the country.  The height is nearly 1115 feet. Nohkalikai offers a splendid view to the tourists. A feature of this is just beneath the waterfall a green-colored water pool was naturally formed. Nohkalikai is 55 km from the town of Shillong and very close to Cherrapunjee.

Mawsmai cave:

 It is 6-7 Km from Cherapunji and actually nature’s wonder. One of the best limestone caves in the region. It ignites a sense of adventure among the tourists immediately once a person enters into it. It was formed due to the deposition of stalagmite and stalactite. It is a one-way cave which means after entering inside the cave, tourists have to follow a narrow road and the outer gate is on the other side. It gives a unique opportunity to feel the thrill of cave walking.


 The second wettest place in the country. This is famous for the fabulous scenic beauty it offers to the tourist. The original name for this town was Sohra, which was pronounced by Churra By the British. The name eventually evolved into the current name. It is a subdivisional town of the East Khasi hill district. It is 53 km from the capital. The entire place is surrounded by a mountain range that naturally offers a spectacular view of the valleys. There are places from which one can see the villages of Bangladesh also. The waterfalls flowing down through the walls of the mountains and Deeping down to the gorges is something which is a unique scene.

Mawsmai Falls:

 It is very close to the village of Mawsmai. It is nature’s marvel. Positioned in such a way that throughout the day it receives sunlight which increases its natural beauty. Water falling down in shining sunlight is a treat to watch. It is the 4th highest waterfall in the country. Monsoon is the best time to visit this waterfall.

Living roots bridges:

 Found only in the state of Meghalaya and nowhere else in this world. These are made out of the roots of the rubber tree. These are quite strong bridges and often have the capacity to carry more than 50 people. Living root bridges are found in the different areas of the state. The double Decker bridge is found in the village of Nongriat. Asia’s cleanest village Mawlynnong has a living root bridge. These bridges are the combination of natural wonder and the master craftwork of the local Khashi tribal people.

Mawlynnong Village:

 This is considered to be one of the cleanest villages in Asia. During the course of time, it has become an important tourist destination of the state. It is around 90 km from the capital Shillong and lies in the midst of East-Khasi hills. The village is a fine example of collective consciousness and meaningful community life. The entire credit of making this village as one of the cleanest villages in Asia goes to the inhabitants of the village. They made it possible. Neat and clean roads, blooming flowers, lush green backdrop, small waterfalls everything has adds to the attraction of this place. It is an ideal place to mingle with nature and people. The villagers are warmhearted and enjoy the tourist activity in their lovely small village. It makes them proud. Distance from Shillong to Mawlynnong is 78 km and from Cherrapunjee it is 81 km.

Dawki Village:

 Dawki has become popular among tourists because of the magnificent natural beauty.  If Mawlynnong is the pride of Khasi hills then Jaintia hills have got the village of Dawki. Umngot river flows through this village and boating into the crystal clear emerald green water is a unique experience. The Dawki coronation bridge over the river is also beautiful. It is a bordering town with Bangladesh.

The climate of Shillong and the best time to visit:


Best Time to visit Shilling - February to early June and November to early January.


Shillong offers Sub Tropical Highland Climate. It enjoys the bliss of 5 distinct seasons – Spring, Summer, Monsoon, Autumn and winter. Albeit the popular tourist season is February to early June and November to early January but in reality, every season in Shillong offers something to the tourists.

Spring season:

Feb to March is spring here. The weather remains very pleasant. The average temperature hovering around 17-21 degrees C with very little humidity.

Summer season:

April to Mid June is considered summer. Summer here is comfortable for the tourists. Though humid you can experience a temperate climate that is good for touring. Apart from the occasional mild drizzle, a heavy shower is less frequent. The average temperature is around 22-23 degrees c.  

Monsoon season:

Monsoon is quite heavy here. Mid-June to September comes under monsoon and it is the leanest season in the Shillong tourism circuit. But this is also the time when shilling remains the greenest. People want to see a refreshing view that can come in Monsoon.

Autumn  season:

 Autumn (October to November) is pretty beautiful here as nature still remains fresh with blooming flowers. The average temperature is around 21-degree c and the climate remains very pleasant. This is the time that draws tourists.  Autumn is also the time for festivals here.

Winter season:

Winter is chilly here with the minimum temperature often comes down to 5-6 degree c. The sky is clear which is ideal for a clear view. So December –January too considered as the season. This is also the time when the city indulges in fun and merrymaking due to the Christmas and New Year celebration.

Combining other destinations:

Below destinations can be combined with Shillong :

  • Guwahati
  • Kaziziranga National park
  • Tezpur
  • Nameri
  • Dirang
  • Tawang
  • Bomdila, etc.

Shillong could be combined with other places. The most popular and common circuit is to club it with Kaziranga National Park (The abode of One-horned Rhinoceros) and Guwahati (the biggest and the most important city of North East). Shillong – Kaziranga – Guwahati could be a fantastic package.  Tour operators can club the Arunachal itinerary with Shillong too. Shillong to Tezpur is a 7-hour drive and Tezpur to Dirang is a 6-hour drive.  So Shillong – Tezpur – Dirang – Tawang – Bomdila – Guwahati could be an interesting circuit.

Tour Duration:


Travel Circuit

Ideal Duration

Only Shillong and surrounding areas

3N/4D or 4N / 5D

Shillong- Guwahati

4N /5D or 5N/ 6D

Shillong – Kaziranga – Guwahati

5N/6D or 6N/7D

Shillong – Arunachal – Guwahati  

8N/9D or 9N/10D


However, above are suggestive itineraries only and Tripsy drafts the itinerary according to the needs and demands of the travel agents.


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