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Sikkim-Darjeeling Tourist Circuit

If you have navigated to this section of the website, I presume you are a travel agent trying to understand the Sikkim Darjeeling sector better to serve your guests well. If this is correct, read on.

The Sikkim Darjeeling sector is politically divided into two states and three political areas. Sikkim is an independent state whereas Darjeeling is part of the state of Bengal. The Darjeeling area, due to its unique characteristic has been given a special status within the state known as Gorkha Territorial Authority (GTA). The political division means there might be three different entities in power of these two states and GTA and sometimes that itself may hamper smooth operation of tourism. Add to this the fact that Sikkim shares it border with Chinese Tibet in the North and hence there are several travel restrictions applicable in the area. Over and above, the geographical terrain is difficult to navigate and distance and travel time often vary disproportionately.

Sounds daunting to understand the region? That's why we are here to help you, our preferred travel agent to solve all the logistical problems and give your tourists a smooth ride.

Lets talk of the geographical area here. The region is bounded by Nepal on the West, Bhutan on the East, Chinese Tibet on the North and the plains of Bengal in the South. The region is about 80 kms by 150 km in size, however since it is the hilly area, the actual driving distance might be quite different and travel time often may be more than you would expect by the size of the region.

The most important tourist destination for a tour operator are Darjeeling and Gangtok. Next most important destinations are Kalimpong, Pelling and North Sikkim. For a better understanding of these places, study the destination pages below.

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