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Tourism in Bengal

Bengal is a major tourist destination in India, but its importance is even more due to its critical geographical location. Kolkata is the most important international tourism hub in Eastern India, and Siliguri is the hub for tourism activity in the tourist destinations of Bengal as well as neighboring Sikkim and Bhutan.

Bengal Tour Operator

Tour operation in Bengal is based out of Kolkata and Siliguri. Whereas Kolkata is the hub for all business activity in Bengal, Siliguri is known for its critical position in the tourism map of the region. If one has to travel to North East, Bhutan, and Sikkim by road or by rail, one has to pass through Siliguri which is located on a small stretch of land between Nepal and Bangladesh popularly known as the Chickens Neck. The critical location of Siliguri has made it the hub of tourism activity in North East and the place where major tour operator of the region is based. Tripsy also has its head office in Siliguri with a major branch office in Kolkata. From our Kolkata office, we can give you support for South Bengal and Andaman and Nicobar Island tours, whereas from our Siliguri office we give you support for the Sikkim Darjeeling and Bhutan sector.

Information for Travel Agents

There is no restriction in terms of permit or vehicle movement within Bengal, hence operating in Bengal is very smooth and hassle-free. If you are operating in South Bengal, Sundarban and surrounding area, your guest arrival and departure should be through Kolkata airport (CCU) or through Howrah or Sealdah rail station. If your guests are traveling to Darjeeling – Sikkim or Bhutan region, you should focus on Bagdogra Airport (IXB) or NJP rail station, both located in the outskirts of Siliguri town.

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