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Welcome to the mystical kingdom of Bhutan, a land that has managed to preserve its rich cultural heritage and breathtaking natural beauty in the face of modernization. Nestled in the embrace of the towering Himalayas, Bhutan is not just a destination; it's an experience that will leave you awe-inspired and transformed.

Bhutan is a nation that measures its success not in terms of GDP, but in Gross National Happiness. This philosophy shapes every facet of life here, from the vibrant festivals that celebrate age-old traditions to the serene monasteries where monks meditate in the shadow of towering peaks. As a traveller, you'll find yourself immersed in a world where spirituality and modernity coexist harmoniously.

The landscapes of Bhutan are nothing short of mesmerizing. Verdant valleys give way to snow-capped peaks, while prayer flags flutter in the wind, sending their blessings to the heavens. Trekking enthusiasts will find an array of trails that lead through pristine forests, past glacial lakes, and viewpoints that offer panoramic vistas that words fail to describe.

But it's not just the landscapes that will capture your heart; it's the people. Bhutanese hospitality is legendary, and you'll be welcomed with open arms into homes and villages, where you can witness firsthand the customs that have been passed down through generations.

At Tripsy we have been acting as a B2B supplier for tours of Bhutan for the last two decades. As an Indian travel agent, you can depend on us for providing impeccable service to your guests in Bhutan.

Before you send your guests to Bhutan, you should be aware of several issues. Here are some essential pieces of information that a travel agent must know before sending tourists to Bhutan:

Visa Requirements: Bhutan does not require Indian Nationals to have Visa. However, your guests have to acquire an “entry permit” on arrival. Original Passport (with minimum 6 months validity) or Voter ID card must be carried by the guest. They also should carry passport-size photographs. Border assistance is available from the Tripsy team at the time of procuring the entry permit. However, if the guests do not carry proper documents, we may not be able to help them. Also carefully check the date of entry and compare it with any government holiday in Bhutan as on holidays no entry permit will be issued. There is also a “Sustainable Development Tax” that is payable by Indian tourists visiting Bhutan. Consult our Bhutan experts about the current rate of tax. Our tour packages normally include this tax.

Entry Points: There are three entry points to Bhutan. The most popular entry point is the Phuentsholing land border. Tripsy central office is located not very far from this entry point. If you are flying into Bhutan, you may go to Paro International Airport, the main international gateway to Bhutan. Alternatively, you can ensure your clients reach Bagdogra airport from where the Bhutan border town of Phuentsholing is about a 4-hour drive. The other option is to enter Bhutan through the less-used Samdrup Jongkhar area in Assam.

Cultural Etiquette: Bhutan places a strong emphasis on preserving its culture and traditions. Inform your clients about the proper dress code (Kira for women, Gho for men) and other cultural norms they should respect while visiting temples, monasteries, and other sacred sites. In some places, you will not be allowed to enter unless a full sleeve shirt, full pants and shoes are worn. So this must be part of the wardrobe that your guests carry.
Weather and Packing: Thimphu experiences varying weather conditions based on the season. Provide your clients with information about the climate during their travel dates so they can pack appropriate clothing, including warm layers for the cooler months.

Transportation: Earlier Indian vehicles were allowed free entry into Bhutan. However, in recent years there has been a strict restriction on the same. The vehicles we provide will be Bhutanese. Indian vehicles will be limited to transferring guests to the border town only.

Food and Dining: Bhutanese cuisine is unique and includes dishes like Ema Datshi (chilli and cheese stew) and momos (dumplings). Make sure your clients are open to trying local cuisine and are aware of any dietary restrictions.

Health and Safety: Provide information about any required vaccinations, health precautions, and basic safety guidelines. Please note that Double covid vaccination is compulsory for anyone to enter Bhutan now.
Language: The official language is Dzongkha, but English is widely spoken, especially in the tourism industry. Hindi is also well-understood by a large part of the population.

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