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If you are travelling to Bhutan by air, then Paro is where you will land. Paro is home to the only International Airport (PBH) in Bhutan. Paro is also a tourist destination with Bhutan’s most famous sightseeing point Taktsang Monastery (popularly known as Tiger’s Nest) situated close to the town here. The countries capital Thimpu is about 50 km and an hours drive from here. 

A Travel Agents Perspective

Paro is the second most visited destination in Bhutan after Thimpu. Minimum 2 nights stay is required in Paro so that your guests can visit the most famous local sightseeing points. There are significant numbers of luxurious resorts and hotels available here. Indian tourists can get a permit for Bhutan entry by showing hotel booking vouchers and a tour itinerary at the Paro Airport. Indian Tourist may also get a local sim card for calling and internet browsing from the airport itself. We recommend that on arrival you transfer your guests to Thimphu. The stay at Paro and local sightseeing are better to be organised in the latter part of the tour.

Getting There

Paro is the home of the only international airport in Bhutan. The airport is connected by Bhutanese airlines flight to India, Nepal, Bangladesh and Thailand. The airport is located at an altitude of 2235 meters in a mountainous region, which limits the type of aircraft at the capacity of aircraft that can operate here. Also except for Bhutanese local airlines, no foreign carriers are till now allowed to operate from Paro, hence the number of flights and the fair is quite limited. During tourist season getting a ticket to Paro is expensive and mostly not available.

Sightseeing Points

The Taktsang monastery (also known as Tiger’s Nest) is a monastery located high on the mountain and it looks precariously hanging from a cliff. The monastery is one of the biggest attractions for tourists visiting Bhutan, the monastery can be reached on foot in one to two hours. Ponies are also available for the senior citizens or those who are not fit to walk the uphill slope. 

Drukgyal Dzong is a fort near the monastery, National Museum Of Bhutan, the Airport viewpoint, Paro market etc. will keep your guests occupied for an entire day. Chele la Pass can be visited on a half excursion from Paro, its approximately 1.5 hours drive from the city.


The average temperature in Paro varies between 9 -14 degrees (Maximum) during winter & 23-25 degrees (Maximum) during summer.

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