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Beaches of Bengal

The state of West Bengal is gifted with a unique character. It is the only state in the country where you can see both the Himalayas and the Sea together. The state stretches from the Beaches of Bay of Bengal to the Himalayan heights of Sandakphu & Darjeeling. Although the hills of Bengal are some of the most popular destinations of India, the southern sea beaches with their immense potential are less explored by the national and international travellers.

The southern part of West Bengal has several beaches, scattered over the district of Midnapore, Haldia and the South 24 Parganas. Most of them are scenic destinations with serene beauty. Although the cost line of Bengal is almost 160 km long, most of it falls under the Sundarban National Park area. Immediately to the west of Sundarbans, there are Islands and beaches such as Bakkhali, Freserganj, Jambu Dweep and Sagar Deep. Just West of this area is where the river Hoogly meets the Bay of Bengal.

The major sea beaches of Bengal are in a stretch between Subanrarekha and Hoogly river. On the western front, the Subarnarekha river is the border between Bengal and Odisha and on the eastern part river, Hoogly creates a natural boundary between the beaches and the Gangetic delta. The total stretch of the beach area is just about 40 km which includes the major beaches. The westernmost beach in Digha followed closely to its east by Shankarpur, Tajpur, Mandarmani and Junput.


Digha is perhaps the first beach town of West Bengal, it is nearly 200 kilometres by road from Kolkata and also well-connected by railways. Digha has one of the best tourism infrastructures with a large number of hotels and tourist activities available here. The Digha beach is divided into two parts, the old Digha and the new Digha, further west a new beach destination with the name of Udaypur has come up which is a continuation of the New Digha beach. There is a small forested land that separates new Digha from Udaypur. There are a Marine Aquarium and Regional Centre which showcases marine flora and fauna. The summer is quite hot here but the winter months are quite pleasant and ideal for tourists.


Digha sea beach ends at the estuary of Champa river, across the river on the east is Shankarpur. Although the two beaches are quite nearby, the road travel between the beaches is about 14 km. Shankarpur used to be primarily a fishing harbour before tourism to the place became popular. Like any other beach, mornings are scenic and cool. The place offers excellent photographic opportunities. There are few temples worth visiting here.

Tajpur and Chandpur

Tajpur and Chandpur are part of the same continuous beach east of Shankarpur. It is a hidden beach in East Medinipur district Southern part of West Bengal. It is situated in the Kolkata - Digha route nearly 16 kilometres before Digha. It is one of secluded beach destination that is close to Mandarmoni and Shankarpur. One of the attractions is its sea beach which is covered with salt cedar/tamarisk trees. One can watch crabs like carpet roaming on the beach. There are a number of ponds in the area and is best for a leisure holiday.


This is a seaside resort village in the district of Midnapore in West Bengal. It lies at the northern end of the Bay of Bengal. The Mandarmani beach is divided from the Tajpur beach by the estuary of the Mandarmani river. Mandarmani is a fast developing seaside resort of West Bengal. It is almost 200 kilometres from Kolkata Airport on Digha route. A spectacular feature like the Red crabs crawling around the 13 kilometres long beach is an added attraction of Mandarmani. The beach has relatively low waves. The Mandarmani beach ends at the estuary of Pichaboni river. 

Junput and Bankiput

Junput and Bankiput is the next beach on the other side of Pichaboni river. It is primarily a fishing Village and tourism here is still at its nascent stage, with less tourist this place is more peaceful. It is situated nearly 09 kilometres from Contai town and nearly 40 kilometres from Digha. The Bay of Bengal has receded by nearly a Kilometers near Gopalpur also known as Haripur. One can see the beautiful beach with fir trees and red crabs along the beach near Haripur & in Junput, Bankiput. Dariapur Lighthouse, Kapal Kundala Temple and Marine Biology Museum are places to visit around here. It is advisable to visit this place during the high tide. Beach is deserted and is very tranquil. Coconut & Fresh fish from the local fishermen or bone-dried fish can be bought here to be cooked later at a hotel or resort. Food is typical Bengali.


Bakkhali is a Small Island and is one of the many deltaic islands spread across southern Bengal. One can come here from Kolkata by driving. The nearest rail station is at Namkhana. Tourists can walk along the beach from Bakkhali to Frasergunj. It is an 8 kilometres long beach stretching from Bakkhali to Frasergunj. It is rolling beach and is broken in midway and one cannot go to Frasergung by walking through sea beach. 


This is a small establishment in South Bengal. An 18th-century fort is a testimony to the history of the place. It is ideally located along the bank of the river Hooghly. Raichak is nearly 50 kilometres from Kolkata and an ideal destination for nature lovers. Tourists can use the Raichak jetty or the nearby Nurpur jetty and take a ferry to go to Kukrahati or Gadiara and return the same day. Places to visit here include the fort, Diamond Harbour, Lighthouse at Diamond Harbour, Chingrihkali Fort, Aashram of Ramakrishna Mission and Joynagar. 


Talsharee or Talsari is only 07 kilometres further from Digha and is situated in the border of Orissa and West Bengal. River Subarnarekha meets the Bay of Bengal and is known for as a secluded spot and visitors can hire a boat and visit an Island nearby. The place is shrouded in the envelope of tranquillity. Places to visit from here are Chandaneshwar Temple and Udaipur Beach. You can walk along the Confluence of the river.

When to visit

Summer here is quite hot and May is the hottest month. Visiting the beaches in hot summer months may not be the best idea. Rest of the year is suitable for travel. The best time to visit the beaches of Bengal is winter months. Monsoon also attracts tourists due to the scenic beauty and the greenery around.


The food is typically Bengali in most regions, with a few north Indian and Indian Chinese dishes available. Guests who have fascination or love for fish and seafood is recommended a visit to the beach destinations of West Bengal. Fishes in various forms and several choices are available in most of the beach resort. 


Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose International Airport (CCU) is the nearest major airport at Dum Dum nearly 220 kilometres from Digha. Kolkata Railway Station (KOAA), Sealdah Railway Station (SDH), Howrah Railway Station (HWH) and Shalimar Railway Station (SHM) are the four railway terminal nearer to Digha but Kharagpur Railway Station (KGP) is the nearest and major railway station is only 125 kilometres via NH16 and Jaleswar-Chandaneswar. Digha Railway Station (DGHA) and Contai Road Railway Station (CNT) is nearest but the frequency of train is less, hence most tourist prefer to drive from Kolkata by road. By road, the drive from Kolkata is quite a rewarding experience. It takes roughly 04 to 4.5 hours drive and the road condition is good. Bus service is good and the frequency is also decent running every half-hour from 07 AM till 06 PM from Dharmtalla bus depot in Kolkata

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