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West Bengal, one of the most culturally prosperous states of India, is filled with surprises. Be it the different religions assimilating into one of the lovely cultural events that seem to make up the glorious state that it is. There is much more to West Bengal than big red bindis and Dhoti Kurtas along with the misti doi and Rosh Gulla. West Bengal has a long-standing tradition of folk and literature.

The religious perspective of West Bengal is similar to the rhythm of India, where all religions have equal respect and place. Such as that West Bengal is also a combination of all religions of India. West Bengal is home to several worship places, belonging to different religions, from some of the fascinating temples, churches, and mosques. There are lots of pilgrimage destinations and sacred places in West Bengal. Being a place of spiritual importance, there are a lot of beautiful and well known holy places to visit, which provide a religious as well as cultural insight into the rich heritage of the places. Let’s take a walk on the Devotional Path to Bengal :

As we know that West Bengal is famous for the devotion of Goddess Kali-Kali Culcutta Wali. The famous temples of Goddess Kali are Dakshineshwar Kali Temple, Kalighat Temple. It shows different worship to the goddess Kali. Kolkata is the capital of the State. It has also a center of Devotional places. At Kolkata, you have found many places like Belur Math, Ganga Sagar Island which is near to Kolkata. Mayapur ISKON Temple is believed as the birthplace of Chaitanya Mahaprabhu. There are also 326 mosques in West Bengal, some of these are Jama Masjid Numania, Battikal Masjid, Lal Masjid, Sathghara Masjid, Masjid Talab, etc. which shows respect toward Islam.

Christianity also has a bigger place in West Bengal. Most famous churches are St. Pauls Cathedral, Christ the King Church, Mar Thoma Syrian Church, American Church of the Holy Nazareth. The state has also a huge Sikh Community. Few famous Gurudwara are Gurudwara Badi Sangat, Gurudwara Jagat Sudhar, Gurudwara Sikh Sangat and Gurudwara Sart Kutiya. If you need to learn peace you can visit the Monastery's which shows the Buddhist communities in West Bengal few famous Monastery are Ghoom Monastery, Culcutta Karma Gon Buddhist Monastery, Huang Tsang Monastery (Chinese Temple), Dali Monastery, Evam India Buddhist Monastery.

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