Jaldapara Elephant Safari: This is one of the major attractions of Jaldapara Wild Life Sanctuary. The Elephant ride takes tourists inside the grassland and sighting of the famous one horned rhino is quite common. The elephants, along with their mahouts leave twice a day – in the mornings and in the afternoons. Wildlife sighting is more common during the morning the best time to go for this safari is the one that starts around 5:30 in the morning.
The number of elephants and the number of rides is limited. Also the booking is taken on the previous evening on a first come first serve basis. Preference is given for tourists staying at the Hollong bungalow or Madarihat Tourist lodge. Tourists must book the elephant ride directly by paying the entire amount on the spot. This ride can not be booked in advance through Tripsy or any other agency. 
The safaris leave in groups of 3-5 elephants, each carrying a maximum of four people and a mahaut. For its size, the elephant is an extremely agile animal and manoeuvres easily through the various streams running through the forest.
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