On the bank of river Balason, a little hamlet Dudhia is a very ideal place for a full day out. Dudhia attacts tourists more for its tranquility. People love to spend a couple of hours in nature surronded by greenery,rolling slopes and river-water. You can enjoy a very good food from Gokul,a Gorkha Hill Council's wayside Inn while relishing the beauty of nature. Gokul also provides decent accommodation,it is being the favourite joint for the tourists.

River Balason Bank in Dudhia








Where the hill starts rising from the plain,you can find the dudhia view point. Here one can enjoy the nice view of river Balason. A large and vast area of Terai plain is greatly visible from here. You can have a visit to Panighata village situated right across the river Balason, a few kilometers from Indo-Nepal border. The Nepali villages of Salakpur across the mechi river can also be clearly visible from here. For the city adventurers, this is an ideal place for camping in the winter season where lohagadh is only a few kilometers away.

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